Lead Forensics

Interview Skills

OK, so you've made it through to the Interview stage. The nerves might be setting in, but there is no need to worry! We have some fantastic Interview skills for you to take advantage of:

  • Know who you are going to see
  • Know your CV
  • Understand what the company does
  • Prepare for any questions that you may be asked
  • Don't smoke prior to your interview as non-smokers might find this off putting

  • Smile, firm handshake and good eye contact
  • Speak clearly and fluently
  • Show interest and enthusiasm
  • Ask any questions that are relevant to the company (maybe prepare some typed questions on what you want to ask
  • Pause if unsure about a question to collect your thoughts before answering
  • Stay professional at all times
  • Listen carefully
  • Be confident and polite
  • Don't be frightened to ask for clarification if unsure
  • NEVER knock a previous employer
  • Don't discuss salary until the client the is interested in you, or unless they approach the question first
  • Advise the client you're interested and ask for the job. Don't be afraid to tell them that you want the job